What to Do When Your Co-Parent is Uncooperative About Custody & Visitation?

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You may expect that once you've gotten through a divorce and custody dispute that things will get easier. Things will settle down after such a stressful, emotional time once everyone gets used to the new normal, right? That may be the case in a perfect world, but often the conflicts you and your ex had in your marriage may spill over into your custody and visitation arrangement. Maybe your ex is constantly rigid about your arrangement, refusing flexibility even when scheduling conflicts arise. Or maybe they're constantly trying to rearrange visitation at the last minute, throwing your life into chaos. So, what can you do if your ex is being uncooperative and difficult about custody and visitation but not actually violating their legal obligations?


Try to Stay Patient


First, try to keep the lines of communication open and remain patient. If you suspect your co-parent is trying to push your buttons, stepping back and treating their shenanigans in a business-like, rather than emotional, manner can help keep things on track. Be flexible if you can but remember that you don't have to be unreasonably flexible. If you have a legal agreement in place, you can fall back on that if you need to.


Don't Put the Kids in the Middle


Even if your co-parent is intentionally difficult, it's never a good idea to put the kids in the middle. Don't ask your child to carry messages to your ex. Moreover, you shouldn't bad mouth a co-parent in front of your child. Try to keep conflicts with your ex between you and your ex.


Consider an App for Communication


Sometimes, an app may be a good solution for communication and keeping a joint calendar. Mobile phone apps like WeParent, OurFamilyWizard, and Coparently provide a shared calendar so both parents can see their child's activities and appointments, allow co-parents to make online scheduling requests, and record communications and messages between parents. An app can also provide a log of communications and changes that you can provide to the court if it's necessary for the future.


You Need Skilled Legal Guidance


If you're facing child custody and visitation issues in North Carolina, you need experienced legal guidance. Call Jerkins Family Law at 919-719-2785 or contact us online. You need a skilled family lawyer by your side during this stressful time, and we can help.

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