Protective Orders

Domestic Violence Protective Order 

In North Carolina, Domestic Violence Protective Orders are often referred to as 50B orders (after the governing statue). The law defines domestic violence as, “one or more of the following acts upon an aggrieved party or upon a minor child residing with or in the custody of the aggrieved party, by a person with whom the aggrieved party has or had a personal relationship, but does not include acts of self defense” To successful obtain a domestic violence protective order you must have a personal relationship with the alleged abuser and there must be an act of domestic violence.

If a personal relationship and an act of abuse are established, a domestic violence protective order is proper. The judge has the power to protect the aggrieved party by ordering the abuser to stay away and have no contact with the aggrieved party. This protective order can be granted for a year with the ability to renew prior to the order expiring.

Domestic Violence should not be tolerated no matter the situation or abuser. Protecting victims of abuse is a top priority. If you or a minor child in your custody is a victim of physical, sexual, or verbal abuse or harassment, contact Jerkins Family Law. We will work diligently to get the protection you need.

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