Our Process

If you are seeking a family law attorney in Wake, Durham, Orange, Johnston, or surrounding counties, Jerkins Family Law is ready to serve.

Once you contact Jerkins Family Law, you will have the opportunity to schedule a consultation with either Attorney Jerkins or Attorney McDougal. Our consultation can be completed in-person, via phone, or through video conference. We encourage potential clients to speak with our amazing paralegal, Courtney, to schedule a consultation as soon as possible. We understand that life is very busy; we are flexible with our consultation times to best fit your schedule.

After the Initial Consultation is scheduled, Jerkins Family Law will contact you with our Client Intake Form or the password to access the form via our website. Our Client Intake form will help us gain knowledge about your background and information unique to your situation. We provide our forms prior to the consultation to allow you the time to carefully read, review, and answer.  However, if you are not able to fill out the paperwork prior to coming in, our staff will have one ready for you when you walk in the door.

The consultation is usually an hour or ninety minutes. The initial consultation is not free but we charge a low flat rate for all consultations.  During this time, our attorneys will listen to you, ask questions, and gather information about you and your situation. Attorney Jerkins and Attorney McDougal will make sure they understand your desired outcome and will explain how the North Carolina laws apply to your circumstances. We believe education is key to moving forward. During the consultation, our attorneys strive to make sure you fully understand the issues you are facing and how we can navigate to a better future.

At the conclusion of the consultation, you will receive an estimate of our services and a Legal Service Agreement to review at your leisure. Once you are ready to begin, we sign the Legal Service Agreement and begin moving forward to better days.

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Here at Jerkins Family Law, we are focused and deliberate in fighting for a better solution for you. Do you need a skilled and passionate attorney to protect what matters to you the most? Then Jerkins Family law is ready to navigate you to a perfect solution to serve your legal needs.