Agreements & Consent Orders

The decision to separate does not have to be contentious or filled with high legal fees. Many couples in the process of separating or divorcing are able to mutually agree on their future arrangements. Couples who are able to reach agreements together are able to set an amicable foundation for the future.

When parties are able to reach a fair solution, together, they are more likely to follow through with the terms of that agreement. The power to decide your own fate brings security to each party. There is nobody better to determine custody of your child, division of your property, or the amount of support to be paid than the two people who know the most about that unique situation.

Separation does not have to come with uncertainty. Jerkins Family Law will work with you to negotiate a custody agreement, property division, prenuptial, postnuptial, or separation agreement. Throughout the process, we know when to stand firm and when to be flexible in achieving your desired outcome. Once that outcome is reached, JFL can draft a thorough, legally binding agreement that will protect you from future problems.

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