Child Support

Child support is the constitutional obligation to contribute to the financial cost of raising a child. In North Carolina, both parents have the legal responsibility to provide child support until the obligation would end under the law. Generally, a child support obligation would end when the child turns 18 years of age or if the child is emancipated. In some cases, the child support obligation can continue if the child has not graduated from high school. A child support obligation absolutely terminates when the child reaches age 20, regardless if the child has not yet graduated from high school.

The purpose of child support is to meet the “reasonable needs” of the minor child. The amount of child support that a court will order a parent to pay is determined by the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines ensure that the child's needs and reasonable expenses are supported by the income of both parents.

A child support payment amount is depended on the custodial arrangement between the parents. To determine a child support payment amount, you must first select the appropriate North Carolina Child Support Worksheet that best describes your child custody situation. If one parent have sole primary physical custody of a child, then it would be most appropriate to use Child Support Worksheet A. If both parents share physical custody of the child, then it would best to use Child Support Worksheet B. Finally, in situations with two or more children, if the primary custody is split between parents where one parent has primary physical custody of one child and the other parent has primary physical custody of the other child; then it would be best to use Child Support Worksheet C.

After selecting the Child Support Worksheet, the appropriate figures must be included into the worksheet to calculate a child support amount. It is highly beneficial to consult with an experienced North Carolina family law attorney to ensure a reasonable and accurate child support amount.

Jerkins Family Law is here to help you with child supports issues in North Carolina. Whether it is creating a child support agreement through negotiations or litigating child support in court, we are confident in our knowledge of North Carolina Child Support laws and our ability to passionately advocate on your behalf to ensure a fair and appropriate child support amount is determined by the court.

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