About Our Firm

We are intentional.

We act purposefully, with a goal in mind and a plan for accomplishing that goal. We are focused on one area and that focus enables success. Our practice is built on the idea of being intentional. It's not by happenstance that we practice family law. We understand relationships, property, and your future cannot be taken lightly. The size of our practice allows us to be intentional with every client, every communication and every strategy. To whom much is given much is required.

We practice with integrity.

Our integrity comes from being honest and transparent throughout the entire representation of your legal matters. We are intentional about our focus; which is you, our client. We consciously think about the best outcome for you regardless of past or present circumstances. We are driven to exceeding your expectations as we accept that our character is built by our words AND actions.

We know respect goes both ways.  

For us, respect is not just how you are treated but respect is also a mindset. We intentionally think the best about you; no matter the circumstances, past or present. That respect not only extends to you, it extends to your time, family, and finances. We value you and we appreciate you

Family law is a delicate and personal area of the law, it concerns matters that have a significant impact on your personal life and family relationships. Because your family, children, personal property, and future endeavors are some of the most important matters in your life; they are also important to our firm. We, Jerkins Family Law, are passionate about seeing both short and long term solutions that protects what matters to you the most.

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Here at Jerkins Family Law, we are focused and deliberate in fighting for a better solution for you. Do you need a skilled and passionate attorney to protect what matters to you the most? Then Jerkins Family law is ready to navigate you to a perfect solution to serve your legal needs.