What should you do before you get a divorce?

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If you are planning to divorce your partner this year, there are a few things that you should think about and do before filing. January to March is the peak season for divorce in the United States, and if you plan to start fresh by the time summer rolls around, it is important to be aware of everything you need to get in order before filing your divorce papers.

 Get your accounts in order

One of the worst things you can do before getting a divorce is not knowing your own finances. Divorces can cost quite a bit of money in legal fees, but representing yourself can cost you even more. It is important that you budget for a divorce before going through with it.

Along with budgeting money for a divorce, couples should have detailed files on their investments, bank accounts and any property they own jointly. While it might be tempting to take on someone to help you get your house in order as you go through a divorce, make sure you speak to someone you trust and understand when it comes to financial advising.

 Get paper copies

Even though it is 2017 and mostly everything comes digitally, you need to have paper copies of – well – everything. Relying on electronic documents could leave you out in the cold if you can't access those digital items. Moreover, if it is something important that needs to be shown to a judge, it is always better to have a paper copy during court proceedings.

 Budget for your new life

Not only is budgeting for a divorce important, it is also necessary to budget for your life after the divorce is finalized. You will be on a lower income now that your partner is no longer in the picture. Of course, this does consider that you both worked during your marriage. It is important to know you won't be able to have the same lifestyle, in most instances, as you did before.

 Establish credit of your own

Some spouses only have credit in the name of their partner. If you don't have credit in your own name, you need to be on your way to setting it up by the time those divorce papers are complete. In particular, women have the most difficult time making big purchases after a divorce. Vehicles, homes and other large purchases can be extremely challenging if you do not have credit of your own.

 Get a reputable divorce attorney

Often, couples going through a divorce attempt to save money by neglecting one of the most important parts of a divorce. Hiring a reputable divorce attorney can save you an enormous amount of headaches. It can also prevent you from agreeing to something you shouldn't; which could cost you far more money in the end.

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