Rebound Danger? What Happens to Kids When You Repartner too Quickly?

Posted by Jonathan Jerkins | Mar 24, 2022 | 0 Comments

Perhaps every parent's top concern when facing a divorce is its effect on the children. Even though divorce in the U.S. has hit record lows, for every 1,000 marriages each year, there are 14.7 divorces. This rate is even lower than the divorce rate in 1970 when there were 15 divorces for every 1,000 marriages. Still, divorce is a fact of life for many families, and parents are usually eager to ensure the wellbeing of their children during the process. But what happens when a parent remarries after a divorce? Research reveals that there can be hidden dangers for children if you repartner or remarry too quickly. 

Remarriage and Children

In his fascinating book based on 30 years of research, sociologist Andrew J. Cherlin examines the state of the American family and how divorce, remarriage, and short-term cohabitation affect children. Kids raised in more transitory households tend to have more difficulty in school, conduct disorders, and mental illness.

But remarriage can also trigger anxiety and emotional issues in children, including:

  • Feelings of loss once a child understands that their parents won't be getting back together,
  • Resentment over-sharing you, your time, and your affection,
  • Conflict about showing affection or love to a new stepparent,
  • Increased attachment to the parent getting remarried and jealousy of the new relationship,
  • Struggle with new routines, homes, schools, and household rules, and
  • Struggle with determining where they fit in a new family or relationship.

If parents repartner or introduce new romantic partners to the family too quickly, children may face even more anxiety or emotional issues. While everyone deserves to have a life partner, it's important to consider the emotional needs of your children. In many cases, individual or family therapy can help your kids through these tough transitional times.

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