Reunion After Separation? Here are the Stats

Posted by Jonathan Jerkins | Jan 10, 2023

It's a commonly-held idea that 50% of marriages end in divorce. As it turns out, that percentage may be an exaggeration; but at least we have some idea of divorce's frequency.

What do the numbers say about married couples who legally separate?

Logic dictates that this population would have a much higher chance of divorcing — but how much?

Post-Separation Outcomes in Percentages

About half of separated couples remain separated for one full year before divorce.

This fraction shows that a separation can be a valuable cooling-off period. This time allows both partners to assess their feelings, future, and what they want.

Approximately 80% of separated couples go on to divorce. 20% reconcile.

Often, the types of differences that drive the decision to divorce (instead of reuniting) include:

  • That the couple has changed too much since they were initially together. Their updated attitudes and newly-gleaned habits are too much to merge successfully
  • That the couple has different expectations surrounding their future; perhaps one wants kids, and the other does not

For the 20% that decide to give their marriage another try or even get back together after a divorce, typically, the couple has decided to be flexible about these issues. They may compromise on a long-standing argument or agree to see a specialist to overcome a problem together.

Others find that they were too young and inexperienced the first time or that time apart has shown them that they were happier together.

Regardless of your unique situation, keeping your interests protected is a good rule of thumb. If heartbreak and the difficulty of a divorce are in your future, you don't need to add financial insecurity and legal issues to your plate as well.

Whether you're about to get separated, divorced, or thinking about giving things another go, having the name of a family law attorney on hand is critical.

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