Credit Challenges After Name Changes (How to Handle)

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If you've recently undergone a name change, it's a good idea to double-check your credit score.


Although changing your name shouldn't affect your credit, it's important to remember that mistakes happen.

The equations that factor into a credit score may not consider identifying info like your name, but real (error-prone) people combine, update, and analyze credit databases and reports.

With each ID change comes the opportunity for typos, mismatches, omissions, and more.

Avoid These Credit-Related Challenges After a Name Change

There are two types of credit errors that crop up with some regularity. These include:

  1. Incomplete credit files that feature data about one person in two separate places
  2. Seemingly-complete credit files that include the data of two different people

These and other anomalies could result in credit errors and changes that could affect your ability to manage your finances as you'd like.

Facing a Credit Challenge? Here's What you Need to Know

First of all, you may be able to prevent credit challenges by changing your name and reporting the update promptly. Start with the Social Security Administration, update your government IDs, and make sure that your credit card company, relevant lenders, and banks are aware of your new name.

If you've uncovered an existing credit error, it's time to contact the credit reporting agency. File a report that includes the following:

  • Your contact information
  • Your current name
  • Any previous names you may have used
  • Any report or confirmation numbers that could point to a specific erroneous document
  • A clear description of the error

After filing this report, you may need to pursue further action against the agency if it doesn't correct the error. An experienced attorney can help make the most of this frustrating situation.

Our North Carolina Family Law Attorneys are Here to Help

When you change your name, it can seem like the paperwork never ends — and, even years later, surprising challenges may crop up. If you're dealing with a problematic credit challenge after a name change, contact the attorneys at Jerkins Family Law. We can help you understand your options. Call our team at 919-719-2785, or reach out online at your earliest convenience.

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