Time to Change Bad Family Habits? Here’s How

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Living in one household can take its toll on families and couples. It can be easy for people who live together to build both good and bad habits — habits that may not seem significant at the time but can strengthen or jeopardize the future of the family unit.

Bad Habits that Start Small (And Can Grow Fast)

We are what we do every day. If ‘what we do' erodes our relationships with our loved ones, those daily actions can result in separation, estrangement, or further damage to all involved.

Consider the following unhelpful habits and routines:

  1. Being consistently too busy to spend time together. This type of bonding, even if boring, is the glue that will help a family overcome challenges without fracturing.
  2. Frequently missing special days. Acknowledging these moments sends an implicit message that you respect the other person. The opposite is also true.
  3. Constantly belittling each other. It's easy to pass micro-aggressions off as sarcasm or wit, but words matter!

Other unhelpful family habits might include keeping secrets from each other, oversharing private family details in public, eating poorly (and feeling awful as a result), or even overspending regularly.

What to Do About Nefariously Unhelpful Habits

If you're interested in getting out of bad habits you have as a couple (or family), consider the following science-backed habit-breaking tips:

  • Keep your eyes on the prize. Remember why you're working hard to break a habit — e.g., your family's stability. This will make it easier to keep going when habit-breaking gets tough.
  • Realize that breaking a habit isn't a linear process. You will experience both progress and regressions, and that's okay.
  • Reward yourself (and everyone else). If you see progress towards breaking your bad habits, celebrate.
  • Come up with a plan for when difficulties arise. Assume future stress, and consider beforehand what mitigating factors might help.

If you run into frustrating situations that may require mediation, know that the attorneys at Jerkins Family Law are ready to assist.

Rely on North Carolina Family Law Attorneys for Skilled Support

Modifying your family's recurrent behaviors can be difficult. In some cases, the stress of wondering where bad habits could lead can compound the difficulty of growing as a family.

If you need the support of a knowledgeable attorney as you navigate your family's future, the lawyers at Jerkins Family Law are here for you. Call our team at 919-719-2785 or reach out online for prompt assistance.

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