Three Apps that Can Make Co-Parenting Simpler

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When you're accustomed to parenting from within the same home as your spouse, the realities of co-parenting from separate homes can come as a shock. Suddenly, you have to put much more thought into communicating about the events of your kids' lives. Making this adjustment can be especially tough if you and your ex don't get along well.

Thankfully there's an app for that–or rather, several apps. Keep reading to learn more about three co-parenting apps that will help you and your ex adjust to this new way of communicating and remove some of the stress of your post-divorce life.

  1. Coparently

The Coparently app offers several features to make communication easier. The most practical element is a cloud-based calendar that allows both parents to note key dates and special events that are important for all to remember. But the app's biggest claim to fame is its encryption and high-level security feature. This is an excellent app if other people who help take care of the kids, such as grandparents or babysitters, need access to the app's scheduling information. It lets them see the information they need while keeping private features such as family expense reports or app-only communications between the co-parents. 

  1. Custody X Change

The Custody X Change app helps co-parents uphold agreements outlined in their court-ordered custody plan. Developed by legal experts, it helps take the “she-said, he-said” out of co-parenting. The app tracks the days or hours each parent spends with their child, offers time-stamped journal entries, and has an expense reporting feature so that both parents are aware of sunk or upcoming costs. This app is good for co-parents who have difficulty communicating or want evidence of their involvement in their child's life for ongoing court or custody matters.

  1. 2Houses

One of the most popular co-parenting apps on the market, 2Houses is a user-friendly app that puts the spotlight on making sure both parents have ready access to all information concerning the kids. It features a color-coded calendar for all family members, enabling you to understand who is doing what at a glance and an expense log to reduce arguments about who paid what. It also has an information bank that stores all of your children's essential data, from social security numbers to medical information to their current height and weight. It is available in multiple languages.

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