Setting Habits and Goals to Renew Yourself and Your Family in 2023

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As we head into Christmas and New Year's Eve, many start thinking about ways to improve our lives, start new habits, and set goals for the new year. The end of the year is a good time to reflect on the past and plan to renew yourself and your family for 2023. 

Setting Family Goals

Hold a family meeting and work together to incorporate new habits and goals from every family member. If everyone has some say in your family goals, they're more likely to be invested in carrying them through. Before your family meeting, it's a good idea to jot down your ideas and goals for yourself.

Family Goals for 2023

  1. Eat Meals Together: A wonderful way to stay connected as a family is to have regular time together to talk. Set a goal to have a certain number of meals together as a family and have regular conversations about your days.
  2. Start a New Hobby: Another great way to spend time together is to pursue a new hobby. Maybe you can take a painting class with your kids, learn to climb together, or create a weekly family craft hour.
  3. Serve the Community Together: Make time to do volunteer work as a family. Giving back to the community can bring you together as a family and make you feel grateful for what you have and the city where you live.
  4. Start a Savings Fund for Something Special: Save up for a family goal together, whether it's a special vacation or a new purchase for your home.
  5. Plan a Yearly Vacation: With your family savings fund, you can plan a family vacation together. Give your family a budget or a location, and let everyone plan an activity for the family, a special dinner, or a sightseeing excursion.
  6. Exercise Together: Becoming healthier is always a worthy goal, but it may be more fun for the family if you do it together. Plan a nightly walk around the neighborhood, weekend hiking trips, or maybe a bike ride on a local trail.

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