Custody and Visitation When You Are Going to Rehab

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Drug or alcohol abuse is a leading cause of divorce, and it can have a devastating effect on your relationship with your children. After your divorce is final and you have your parenting plan in place, you may be concerned that going to rehab or seeking other treatment for your addiction will affect your child custody order and your right to participate in raising your children. With the guidance of a dedicated family law attorney from Jerkins Family Law, you can seek the treatment you need while our team protects your legal rights.

Substance Abuse Treatment Options in North Carolina

Seeking in-patient care does not necessarily mean that you will be away from your children for the entire course of your treatment. Each rehab program is different, but some programs offer options that include therapy sessions with your children, education for your children about addiction, and visitation hours so that you remain connected with your children. 

Before you choose an inpatient treatment facility, look closely at its family program so that you can choose one that best meets your parenting goals. If the facility that best meets your needs does not have an on-site family program, you may be allowed to maintain contact with your children through letters and phone calls.

If your addiction treatment has progressed to where outpatient services are a realistic option, you can balance your treatment with parenting your children. This is an option to discuss with your doctor since your long-term sobriety is an important part of maintaining your right to participate in your children's lives.

Whether you choose inpatient or outpatient treatment, many programs teach life skills that improve your parenting in addition to treating your addiction. These skills include:

  • communicating effectively,
  • coping with life stressors,
  • living a healthy life, and
  • being emotionally present for your children.

If you have anger management issues as a result of your addiction, those issues may be addressed as well during treatment.

Your Legal Parenting Rights During Treatment

Addiction is a disease, and, just like other chronic illnesses, you need treatment to become well again. Unless you have been charged with child abuse or neglect, you maintain your parenting rights granted in your custody order.

If your ex-spouse files to amend your parenting order as a result of you seeking treatment, your family law attorneys can fight for your right to continue being involved in your children's lives. Completing rehab and maintaining sobriety shows the court that you are dedicated to upholding your parenting responsibilities.

Hire an Experienced North Carolina Family Law Attorney

If you are considering seeking treatment for addiction and are concerned about how the treatment will affect your custody order, contact an experienced attorney at Jerkins Family Law. Our legal team will fight to protect your legal rights while you seek inpatient or outpatient treatment. Rehab is an essential step to building a strong relationship with your children and showing the court that you are serious about improving your ability to be an effective parent.

At Jerkins Family Law, we are committed to protecting your best interests. Contact us today.

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