First Halloween After a Divorce: What You Need to Know

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So many firsts can be challenging after a divorce. From the first major holiday to the first Halloween, not being part of a couple can be hard. Maybe you and your partner always had a “couple” costume, you looked forward to setting up your yard in a spooky theme, or you had a great time walking your kids around the neighbors to trick or treat. But if this is your first October without your ex, you're undoubtedly worried about whether it will be a difficult day and how you'll both share your kids.


Child Custody Agreement or Parenting Plan


In North Carolina, couples typically have shared physical custody of their children unless there's some compelling reason one parent isn't fit. One of you may have primary custody, meaning the kids spend most of their time with one parent and visit the other on weekends or breaks. Or you both may share physical custody equally, with each of you having the kids half the time.


Which of you will have the children for Halloween depends partly on your parenting plan or child custody agreement. If Halloween falls on a weekday, it may be easiest for the parent with the kids that day to handle trick-or-treating or other Halloween activities. 


Time Sharing and Holidays


If you and your ex can spend time together amicably, maybe you can handle holidays as a team, taking the kids trick or treating together. But if that isn't possible or feasible, it's still possible to ensure that you both get some Halloween fun with your children. Maybe one of you can take the kids to a local trunk or treat or pumpkin patch the weekend before Halloween while the other handles the neighborhood trick-or-treat on October 31st. 


If you and your ex can't agree, consider detailing who will have the kids for each holiday in your parenting or custody plan, along with major school breaks like Thanksgiving and winter, spring, and summer breaks. Many parents find it easiest to alternate years with the kids for specific holidays to ensure everyone has a fun time with each parent.


You Need an Experienced North Carolina Family Lawyer


If you're contemplating a divorce or separation and are concerned about child custody and visitation arrangements, you need the guidance of an experienced North Carolina family lawyer. The skilled legal team at Jerkins Family Law has been helping North Carolina families through divorce and separation for years. Find out how they can help you too. Call Jerkins Family Law at 919-719-2785 or contact us online.

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