Do's and Dont's: Tips to making smart social media decisions during the shutdown

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Do's and Dont's

Tips to making smart social media decisions during the shutdown

Many people are sitting at home right now while practicing social distancing' leaving them with excess time and searching for distractions. One of the results is an influx of people using Social Media to connect with others as well as to express themselves. If you are currently separated, going through a divorce, filing for custody, or any other family law matter what you post and how you post can drastically affect you.

Here are some important guidelines for the Do's and Don't of how you should be navigating social media during a family law matter, these are tips that you should follow in normal situations, but especially during this time of uncertainty.

Let's start with the Do's:

Before you post remember the golden rule of Social Media the “Think” Rule:

  • Is it True?

  • Is it Helpful?

  • Is it Inspiring?

  • Is it Necessary?

  • Is it Kind?

Show restraint

  • Refrain from posting when you are mad or upset

  • Control your emotions

  • Avoid how often you are online or avoid social media altogether

Be Cautious

  • Be careful about what you send in private messages to ”friends”

  • People you think are your friends/family will share your information

  • If it can be held against you, then you have to act as if it will

  • Set your security features to where you have to approve being tagged in posts and ask your friends to refrain from tagging you

Understand Permanence

  • Once you post something online it's there forever

  • Deleting a post or editing a post does not mean its gone

  • A lot of sites allow people to screenshot, share, or even download your content without you knowing

Now let's focus on the Dont's:

  • Don't post about lavish vacations or purchases
  • Don't post disparaging or negative remarks about your ex
  • Don't involve your children in any negative posts
  • Don't talk about actions you are taking against you ex or your case status
  • Don't post about new relationships
  • And Don't change relationship status
  • Don't post anything where you are doing anything wreckless
  • Don't delete your account and give the impression of something to hide
  • Don't create posts to manipulate your image to the outside world, Being anything but genuine can hurt your credibility

If you are unsure whether you should post something remember to follow the THINK rule. If it follows the THINK rule but you are still uncertain then remember: If it can be held against you, you have to act as if it will!

I understand that these are only a few answers to this serious concern and that every situation is different so an answer for one person might not apply at all to someone else. If you have any more questions regarding your order or if you feel your order is being violated make sure to contact your lawyer. If you do not have any current representation and have additional questions please feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to find you the answer.

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