What Financial Information Must I Disclose for Child Support in North Carolina?

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Whether you are getting a divorce or were never married but have a child in Raleigh or anywhere in North Carolina, you may have to disclose financial information if one party seeks child support. You also must disclose certain financial information if you or the other party wants to modify an existing child support order. Here's what you should know about financial disclosure and child support in North Carolina.

What Financial Information is Needed for Child Support in North Carolina?

Disclosing financial information for child support is not the same as when you are divorcing and all financial information must be disclosed for the purpose of property division. According to the Tenth Judicial District Family Court Rules for Domestic Court, below is a list of what you will likely need to provide to obtain or modify a child custody order.

– Documents reflecting income ... from any and all sources for the last two (2) years preceding the filing of the claim;
– Income tax returns for the last two (2) years, including W-2, all schedules and attachments;
– Pay stubs for the last three (3) months;
– Documents reflecting expenses for current child care and payments made for which reimbursement is sought;
– Documents reflecting expenses for current healthcare insurance and payments made for which reimbursement is sought;
– Documents reflecting expenses for uninsured medical expenses paid for which reimbursement is sought;
– Documents reflecting any extraordinary expenses;
– Documents regarding any obligation for child support for any child(ren) for whom support is not sought; and
– Documents reflecting ownership of stock or stock options.

If your case somehow deviates from the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines concerning child support or if you have an unincorporated separation agreement establishing child support, you will need to produce the below financial information in addition to the above documents.

– Bank statements for the last six (6) months, including cancelled checks, check register, online statements, and evidence of checks paid (i.e., Quicken, general ledgers, etc.);
– Credit card statements for the last six (6) months for any credit card for which you are an authorized user;
– List of all financial accounts, including account number, name of account holder, institution, address and phone number, of all in which you have or had have any interest in the last twelve (12) months;
– Business tax returns for the past two (2) years, including K-1 and all attachments and schedules;
– Business bank statements, including cancelled checks, check register online statements, and evidence of checks paid for the last six (6) months;
– Credit card statements used for business expenses for the last six (6) months for any credit card for which you are an authorized user; and
– Financial Affidavit (the non-moving party shall file his or her responsive Financial Affidavit fifteen (15) days after service of the Financial Affidavit of the moving party).

Also, if you are self-employed or receive income from any other source, then you also have to provide financial information under both sets of lists.

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Getting all of your financial information in order can be a tedious assignment – even though in the case of child custody, you don't need absolutely everything as you do when dividing property during a divorce proceeding. An experienced attorney can ease the burden and help you identify and organize this information and make sure you provide if accurately so that the child custody order best reflects reality.

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