Are Divergent Political Views Causing Divorce?

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Marriage is hard. Even among couples with like-minded views on everything from money management to religion, staying married can be challenging. And now, it seems that politics can also become a sticking point in a marriage. The U.S. has never been more polarized than it is today. According to a 2020 Pew Research study, 89 to 90% of Americans believed that the election of the other party's leader as President would lead to “lasting harm in the U.S.” But is the politically charged atmosphere of today interfering with marriages in North Carolina? Are diverging political views really causing divorce?

Politically Mixed Marriages

According to a 2017 Wakefield Research study, one in ten Americans have ended a romantic relationship because of political differences. That number jumps when you look at Millennials, with 22% having ended a relationship because of politics. Looking at these numbers, one would assume that it would be uncommon for two people on opposite ends of the political spectrum to get married. However, it's more common than you think. 

In a 2016 study, a Yale researcher and a data scientist from Catalist examined a database of 18 million couples taken from voter registration rolls. They found that while most couples identified with the same political party, nearly 30% of marriages consist of two people from different parties:

  • Three percent of married couples are female Republicans married to male Democrats,
  • Six percent are male Republicans married to female Democrats, and
  • Nineteen percent are a Republican or Democrat married to an independent.

Moreover, these “mixed” marriages are more likely to be among younger people.

Divorce and Politics

The Wakefield Research study we noted above indicated that 29% of couples felt that politics believed the current political climate is causing tension in their relationship. Despite this, it's hard to say whether differing political views lead to higher divorce rates. Since 1990, divorce rates in the U.S. have actually been trending down. Still, the relationship between political divisions and divorce is undoubtedly one that researchers will continue to watch closely in the years to come. 

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